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Sexy woman dressed as vampire, fangs and pale face

You’re either here because you’re curious about vampire play and need reassurance you’re not weird, or you’re super confused as to why people are into these things. Either way, don’t worry. We’ll get you sorted.


You can’t kick a head of garlic without hitting something vampire-themed. They’re everywhere – movies, television, books, music, computer games, paintings, comics, opera/theater, and ballet … yep, even ballet.

The fact is, we’ve embedded all things sanguine in our culture WAY before we had the formal kinks and fetishes that are identified now.


Even if they started something as mythologically feral and terrifying, we’ve turned them into the perfect vessel for human longings.

We desire to be beautiful, powerful, intelligent, charismatic, and sometimes feared. We want to be so perfect, and so alluring, that we can get anything or anyone we want with ease – we want to embrace our sexual natures and not have to apologize for it.

On top of that…

We want the freedom to go wild at any time – whether from lust, hunger, or anger – and it’s “acceptable” because it’s in a vampire’s “nature”.

And, let’s not forget about our old friend, Death.

Humans fear the unknows of death, and so it’s no surprise that we feel drawn to things that offer immortality or far more years than we already have.


It’s not just being a vampire. Some people love the idea of being at the mercy of one.

Their sultry natures and “mesmerizing” abilities allow the “prey” to experience sexual bliss without guilt because “they had no choice”. It’s a similar theory to “consensual ravaging role plays”. Women, in particular, are socially condemned for being sexually liberal or something other than a married-off virgin, so for some, going wild with Dracula can be downright cathartic.

We can’t forget the gentlemen out there, who also enjoy being dominated by a powerful man or woman and find that role play is an easier avenue to explore these desires and enter a submissive role.


Vampire fetish, blood bags

Here’s where it gets very tricky.

For obvious reasons, vampire-related kinks and fetishes have found their way into BDSM culture, where outlying or “currently non-normal” bedroom behaviors are embraced and accepted without judgment. That is, of course, as long as they stay safe, sane, and consensual.

But, like any BDSM group, there are sub-groups upon sub-groups, as well as undefined titles or labels that people constantly disagree on.

We CAN safely break it down into two fetish categories…

VAMPIRISM FETISH – The attraction to the vampire lifestyle and mythology.

BLOOD FETISH – A BDSM edge play where someone gets a thrill out of blood.

Is it always sexual?


Are the mutually inclusive?


Someone can love vampire stuff but hate the idea of actual blood or bloodletting. Someone can love bloodletting but not give two frigs about Dracula. There are also people who combine the two.

Is there a right or wrong?


It’s like saying someone who plays basketball every other weekend is more right or wrong than someone who plays baseball once a month or the guy who likes both and does it as much as possible.

Kinks and fetishes are as personal and unique as the person practicing them. The BDSM community loves their labels because it’s easier to find people with similar interests. You’ll know which message board and groups to join. But, past that, you still need to spend time finding people who are compatible.


Vampire fetish, blood dripping from red vampire lips

True, and that freaks some people out. But if that’s the case, and the wonderful thing about real BDSM play, if you don’t like it … you don’t have to do it. Plain and simple.


If it’s something you want to try, just know that there are a TON of rules and research you need to do before then. And that’s not even covering all the STI tests you need to do before you even scratch the skin.

NOTE: Blood play is a large topic and better suited for a separate article.


Illustration, male vampire and bats in background

You’ll find all kinds in the spectrum…

  • Goth or Victorian fashion enthusiasts
  • Those who live on a nocturnal cycle
  • Odaxelagnia fetish (love of being bitten)
  • Those who enjoy “glamoring” (mind control)
  • Spiritual vampires (who feed off of energy, not blood)
  • Modern/pop culture lovers
  • People who enjoy kinky period sex
  • Role players
  • Full time, lifestyle vampires
  • Part-time enthusiasts
  • The “once in a while” curious
  • The list goes on


Yes, there are dangers in anything – from practices to people.

For example…

There are some people who have problems with unidentified or phycological cravings that aren’t based in BDSM or a sexual nature – sometimes to a violent extent. While people like this will often (and unfortunately) find their way to the community, any dangerous practices immediately omit them in the eyes of others who follow the SSC rules.

Their “kink membership” is essentially/figuratively revoked.

It’s like an abuser using BDSM as an excuse to abuse. They are not, in fact, true BDSM players. These people don’t understand or care about the essential core of the community and join because they think it grants them freedom.

So, if you find yourself trying to figure out the difference, here’s a simple way to know…

  • Any BDSM or kink practice should involve communication before, during, and after any session.
  • Limitstriggers, and safe words need to be established ahead of time.
  • If the safe word is used, play should stop immediately. It doesn’t matter if the “Top/Dominant” agrees or not. In fact, if a safe word is used, the Top should only have concern.
  • Tops should always look out for and respect the wellbeing of their submissive.
  • They should also have a thorough understanding of what’s expected – the risks etc.
  • Both parties should be enjoying the act.
  • There should be no physical or phycological pressure for someone to do something they don’t want to.
  • Safety and precautions against diseases and infections should always be at the forefront.
  • Aftercare should always be part of the process.

And these are just the BASIC of kink play.

Want to know more about safe words? Read this…

What is a Safe Word? Learn the Basics of Kink Communication

So, if you find someone who’s breaking these rules or just flat out disrespecting them (whether be it casual vampire roleplay or hardcore bloodletting), that person is someone you should distance yourself from immediately.


There are literally hundreds of websites, probably thousands, dedicated to Vampire fetishes in every extreme. If you want someone dressed as a Twilight character who spanks you every Thursday while licking ketchup off your bum, there’s probably a forum out there that will welcome you.

It’s just a matter of reading, exploring, surrounding yourself with safe practitioners or mentors, and take the first few baby steps into the night.

But, if you just want some role play ideas for you and your partner to get kinky with one night, that’s okay too.

Here’s an article that has lots of ideas

Vampire Sex Ideas – How to Get Freaky with Fangs

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Are you into any vampire stuff? Dare to share in the comments so others know they’re not alone?